Joining the Sisterhood

Spring semester brings many things to our chapter, White and Blue Ball, a break from the 110, but most importantly it brings us the time we need to start the rush process for all the glorious people who would love to join our organization. All the excitement towards bigs and littles and growing as sisters puts everyone in a great mood. My rush process was scary at first. Not being in the 110, I didn’t have this bond that so many of the other MC’s had with each other and the already active sisters. However, I was ready and eager to get to know them all the best that I could. We have our first MC session and it starts to go great, we elected our rush class officers and started to learn what it means to be a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. First degrees roll around and I find out who my big is, Heidi Kranz. Freshman me, is thinking, “Who is this chick? Why did she pick me as her little”? Today I couldn’t have asked or a better big because she was able to guide me through the process to being an active sister. Finally, we have more MC sessions and second and third degrees roll around. This is it, we finally get to be active members of the chapter and I’m still nervous even though I don’t know why. We get through everything and boom we’re active and it’s a pretty cool feeling to know that you’re now part of an organization that supports you in every way.



Noah Tucker

Chapter Treasurer