Getting in Better Touch with your Sisters

One thing that is great about having a small chapter is that you know almost everyone in it. But how often do you hang out with those people outside of chapter or chapter events? I made it a goal this year to try to branch out of my friend group and get to know others on more than just a simple hello in passing. Why is this important to know your sisters? Well first off you get to know the awesome people who is dedicated to music as much as you are. That’s always a great way to start to get to know people, use your connection of TBS to get that personal level. A reason why I also think it’s important is, if you know the person; you know what makes them tic, which means you can use your knowledge to avoid tension in the chapter. Getting to know people is hard, mainly because everyone has their own personalities and it takes time to figure out how each person can click with one another. I found a way to make that ‘clicking’ happen sooner is to use chapter to gauge the interaction between everyone and know how to approach them on a personal level. Remember everyone wants friends, and you both wouldn’t be in TBS if you didn’t love music and sisterhood. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap; if I didn’t I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends and probably not be in half the things I am now. Go out and meet all your home-girls and mister sisters.


Lea Sewell

Chapter Member