Valentine's Day With Your Sisters

Most people hate the day of February 14th, especially if they are single. I personally love this day and I want to take this year to spend it with my Tau Beta Sigma Sisters! So even if you have someone or just want to have a night out with friends, here are five ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your second family!

  1. Go someplace outside of OU! Since us sisters are always together at OU, try going out into the city of Athens or nearby Nelsonville to try something different. It’s a great way to get active and create fond memories as a group. I highly recommend going to the Fun Barn or go bowling.
  2. Speaking of getting active, try ice skating or rock climbing. It’s especially fun when someone in the group has never been so you can teach them how and get to relive the pain of when you learned. Plus skating and climbing are free (Renting Skates is $3 if you don’t have your own).
  3. Have a game night! It could be board games, video games or one you make up. I loved doing this back home with my group. It’s always fun to put a little bet on between friends and get prizes. Another way is to maybe set up a tournament with the chapter (Smash Bros? Just Dance?) The possibilities are endless! Plus I love seeing the competitive sides of sisters.
  4. Cook for each other. How else do you show you care about someone more than making food for them? The way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Take turns cooking different parts of the meal, and have a nice big family-sized dinner. It’s a great way to chat and brings a great family connection. And who doesn’t love leftovers?
  5. Watch non-romantic movies/TV series. This is a great time to all gather around a TV with pillow forts, pjs and popcorn and just have a laugh. I recommend the TV series "The 100" and, if you are in a movie mood, watch all the Harry Potter movies. These are both action packed and not centralized on love. I love creating games when watching these so get everyone together and just enjoy each other's company.

The good news is, you don’t have to just use this for Valentine’s Day; this can be for whenever you need your sisters and want a way to bond. So go out there and have a killer February 14th, turtle fans!


Lea Sewell

Alumni Relations Head