Quality and Quantity

On Sunday, January 15th, the Alpha Delta Chapter had our formal rush. All of the active members look forward to this each year. We love getting the chance to dress up, drink some hot chocolate and meet prospective members. This year, we had 19 potential sisters attend the meeting. This meant that there were more potential members than active members at our formal rush, which, to my knowledge, has never happened. They were also some of the most kind-hearted and driven people we had gotten to know over the year, which lead us to extending a bid to each and everyone of them.

In the past, our Chapter used to have nearly 50 active sisters. Currently, we have around 20. Our numbers have hovered between 20 and 25 for all of the years that I have been involved. Before Ohio University switched from quarters to semesters, we used to have two rush classes each year. Now, we only have one.

Having a second rush class allowed our chapter to gain more interest and attract more future sisters. Since we are on semesters now, we only have one rush class a year.

In recent years, we have continuously tried to get more interest for our sorority. However, our motto has always been “quality over quantity.” Although we want all of our sisters to be strong and involved members, the thought of having a larger chapter is always a nice one. There would be more manpower, more bonding, and more littles. At Formal Rush this year, we got both quality and quantity. With two of our MC sessions (where we teach the new members of TBS) and First Degrees coming up, I am getting more excited to get to know each of the new sisters.

I am also super excited to officially meet my new little. She’s low-key perfect and she will fit into the Red/Sexy family so well. Almost all of the bigs created anonymous twitters, just to talk to our littles without them know exactly who we are. At first, I was a little unsure about the idea, but now my twitter for my little is better than my personal twitter. I can only hope that these twitters are getting the littles psyched to meet their bigs.

This is going to be a wonderful rush class and group of new sisters/littles. I know I can speak for the entire chapter as well as many alumni when I say we are beyond excited to double to size of our chapter. These membership candidates have a bright future in Tau Beta Sigma and I cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the coming years.


Devan Smith

Chapter Member

Getting in Better Touch with your Sisters

One thing that is great about having a small chapter is that you know almost everyone in it. But how often do you hang out with those people outside of chapter or chapter events? I made it a goal this year to try to branch out of my friend group and get to know others on more than just a simple hello in passing. Why is this important to know your sisters? Well first off you get to know the awesome people who is dedicated to music as much as you are. That’s always a great way to start to get to know people, use your connection of TBS to get that personal level. A reason why I also think it’s important is, if you know the person; you know what makes them tic, which means you can use your knowledge to avoid tension in the chapter. Getting to know people is hard, mainly because everyone has their own personalities and it takes time to figure out how each person can click with one another. I found a way to make that ‘clicking’ happen sooner is to use chapter to gauge the interaction between everyone and know how to approach them on a personal level. Remember everyone wants friends, and you both wouldn’t be in TBS if you didn’t love music and sisterhood. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap; if I didn’t I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends and probably not be in half the things I am now. Go out and meet all your home-girls and mister sisters.


Lea Sewell

Chapter Member

Joining the Sisterhood

Spring semester brings many things to our chapter, White and Blue Ball, a break from the 110, but most importantly it brings us the time we need to start the rush process for all the glorious people who would love to join our organization. All the excitement towards bigs and littles and growing as sisters puts everyone in a great mood. My rush process was scary at first. Not being in the 110, I didn’t have this bond that so many of the other MC’s had with each other and the already active sisters. However, I was ready and eager to get to know them all the best that I could. We have our first MC session and it starts to go great, we elected our rush class officers and started to learn what it means to be a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. First degrees roll around and I find out who my big is, Heidi Kranz. Freshman me, is thinking, “Who is this chick? Why did she pick me as her little”? Today I couldn’t have asked or a better big because she was able to guide me through the process to being an active sister. Finally, we have more MC sessions and second and third degrees roll around. This is it, we finally get to be active members of the chapter and I’m still nervous even though I don’t know why. We get through everything and boom we’re active and it’s a pretty cool feeling to know that you’re now part of an organization that supports you in every way.



Noah Tucker

Chapter Treasurer


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